Want to Know How Clover POS Works? Here It Is

Want to Know How Clover POS Works? Here It Is

“Clover this, Clover that.”

We can talk about it all day, but how does the Clover POS system fundamentally work?

For starters, it’s as simple as operating your smartphone or tablet–Clover POS is a system that runs on Android OS, with apps to boot!

But Clover POS much, much more than that.

Let’s talk about what it’s going to look like if you get Clover POS for your business. Here we go.

Clover POS Is Just Like Other Human-Friendly Devices

As we mentioned, Clover POS runs on an Android operating system and boasts an extensive app marketplace, which makes it work just like any other app-enabled device. We recently scanned the internet for reviews on Clover POS and found that the most praise was for just how “user-friendly and intuitive” the devices can be. Clover POS offers four devices:

Clover POS Station

The countertop system with the largest display. Includes the most features of all four devices including a cash register, credit card terminal, and receipt printer so there is no need for additional hardware.

Clover POS Mini

The countertop system with a mini display. Includes many of the same features as the Clover Station. Works well as a customer-facing display and card swipe supplemental to the Clover Station.

Clover POS Flex

A mobile, handheld system with a tiny display. Scans barcodes, accepts mobile payments, and prints receipts.

Clover POS Go

A mobile payment processing solution that attaches to a smartphone and accepts mobile payments but does not scan barcodes or print receipts.

These devices have the ability to integrate with each other and other devices such as barcode and QR code scanners, pin pads, weight scales, and more. Through the app store, they can integrate with popular business programs such as QuickBooks, MailChimp, and Yelp. The Clover POS and QuickBooks integration is the most popular.

Clover POS Can Be Customized to Fit Your Business

Because of the wide variety of devices and apps offered, Clover POS can be customized to fit businesses of most sizes in most industries.

Clover POS works best in the restaurant, retail, and service industries, including medical. For example, if you are in the restaurant industry, Clover POS can create floor plans, monitor table status, and manage wait staff and tableside orders and payments with the right combination of devices and apps. General features include:

  • Organizes, manages, and tracks inventory
  • Manages your team, setting schedules and permissions based on responsibilities
  • Creates customer profiles with order histories, birthdays, and contact information
  • Views data insights into sales, employees, and customers
  • Creates, views, and downloads reports
  • Creates customer loyalty programs based on data insights
  • Sends sales promotions via text or email to customers
  • Syncs with and stores data in the cloud for remote access
  • Automatically runs new software updates
  • Uses top-of-the-line payment security for peace of mind

Some of these features come out-of-the-box while others are managed through apps. In addition, you may find a more robust version of an out-of-the-box feature through the app marketplace that works better for your business.

A word of caution here: Clover POS apps can get expensive if you do not know what to look for. Please be sure to get your Clover POS through a merchant services provider who understands the ins-and-outs of the devices and app marketplace!

Clover POS Is Managed Through Your Merchant Services Provider

There are two ways to purchase a Clover POS: 1) through First Data, and, 2) through a merchant services provider. Because Clover POS is intended to be managed through a merchant services provider, First Data does not have the infrastructure to maintain a customer support team large enough for their customer base, so purchasing through a merchant services provider is recommended. Please note that your decision here will affect the overall cost of your Clover POS.

If you have a good merchant services provider, they will help you find the right combination of devices and apps for your business, set up the new Clover POS at your location, and train your staff on the system. They will also be on-call 24/7 to provide customer support, replacement parts, and recurrent training when it is needed.

Hint: We do all these things at Cornerstone Credit Services!

The customer support benefits of Clover POS managed by the right merchant services provider make it preferable to Square, which like First Data does not have a strong customer support team.

Are you ready to get a new Clover POS up and running at your business?

As a Clover POS-savvy merchant services provider ourselves, we would love to walk you through the process of finding the right combination of Clover POS devices and apps for your size and industry.

We strongly believe that Clover POS is the best system currently available on the market.

We would be happy to answer any of your Clover POS-related questions! Give us a call.

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