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Ready to Accept Payments from Anywhere? 5 Key Benefits of Clover Flex

Counting all the reasons to love the Clover Point of Sale (POS) Systems is quite difficult.

Clover received the 2024 Fintech Breakthrough Award for Best Overall Commerce Platform.

Clover was named Best for POS Hardware by Business News Daily.

And Clover was named Best Overall Mobile POS by US News and World Report.

But the Clover Flex portable handheld POS System might be the best reason yet. Here’s why.

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Portable Powerhouse for Your Business Needs

Clover Flex is a versatile, ultra-portable, handheld POS system. This mobile device lets you take orders, process payments, and even take inventory.

It accepts a wide variety of payment types right out of the box, from physical cards to contactless payments.

At almost 6”, the LCD screen is clear and very readable.

Clover Flex has a built-in receipt printer. And it can send digital receipts by email and text.

It has a 1D/2D barcode scanner/camera. And its battery holds up for an impressive 8 hours of use.

Clover Flex is so powerful that you could use it to run your whole business. But it pairs beautifully with other Clover devices to give you a multi-point, full-coverage POS solution.

And that’s just the beginning.

Let’s take a look at the biggest benefits Clover Flex brings your business.

5 Key Benefits of Clover Flex

1. Ready Right Out of the Box

Clover Flex needs minimal setup. It’s up and running in minutes. And it’s easy and intuitive to use, so there’s very little training involved.

2. The Clover POS Device That Goes Wherever You Go

With Flex, you’re taking a full-featured POS right to your customers – table-side, counter-side, or curbside. And it’s essential for pop-ups.

Flex can take orders, process payments, print and send receipts. By eliminating trips back and forth to a base POS, you can focus on faster, more efficient customer service.

Clover Flex connects with both WIFI networks and LTE cellular networks. So you get fast reliable transactions, inside and outside your establishment. If WIFI or LTE isn’t available, Clover Flex saves the transaction and processes it at a later time.

And with a long-lasting battery, you won’t have to wait for slow start-ups. Flex is ready to go when you are.

3. Customers Pay However They Want – NFC Payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Flex handles a huge range of payment options – from credit cards to contactless payments. Chip cards, swipe cards, debit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, Samsung Pay® – Flex handles it all. Your customers can pay however they want without ever leaving their seats.

4. Powerful Data Security

Data security is critical, especially with financial transactions. Clover Flex has an extensive set of features to ensure the device and your data are secure. It uses powerful end-to-end encryption for every transaction. The built-in fingerprint sensors and integrated NFC chip readers offer even more security.

5. Business Data At your Fingertips

Like other Clover products, Flex automatically saves your data to the cloud, safely and securely. You can access your data from anywhere, and track sales in real-time.

The Clover Dashboard tracks data from your Flex POS and from other Clover devices across multiple locations. View total revenue, hourly revenue, best sellers, discount volume, and much more.

The Clover Dashboard is easily accessible from your mobile phone or laptop.

See more about the Clover Dashboard in our article about Clover Analytics.

Bring Clover Flex to Your Business with Cornerstone

Handheld POS systems like Clover Flex can be an absolute game changer. By meeting customers where they are, taking orders, processing payments, and printing receipts you can elevate customer service while reducing per-customer transaction times. It’s a powerful, versatile POS system that’s perfect for restaurants, food trucks, retail stores, pop-ups, and more.

Whether you’re starting out, or improving your POS coverage, Cornerstone is here to help. We’ll analyze your needs and help you find the best POS options for your business. Clover offers a wide range of solutions, and we’ll work with you to find the best fit.

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