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How to Get Setup with Contactless NFC Payments

Contactless NFC payments bring convenience and speed to the checkout process and a decreased risk of spreading sickness. Customers hold their device or card near the NFC reader to complete the transaction quickly and easily. There’s no swipe or even a card required! NFC payments are also good for businesses, especially if they’re fast-paced or on the go. Cornerstone Credit Services is your go-to Alaska merchant services provider, and we can get you started with contactless NFC payments through Clover today!

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What Are Contactless NFC Payments?

NFC is an abbreviation for “near-field communication.” That means the data needed for the transaction can be shared between your customer’s device and your NFC-enabled reader from a near distance. Contactless NFC payments can be received when a card, smartphone, tablet, or another device with NFC capability is held near the payment terminal. The customer passes the card or device with a mobile wallet next to the NFC-enabled reader, and the transaction is processed. It’s as easy as that!

Getting Set Up for NFC Payments

Taking contactless NFC payments is certainly easy, but how easy is it to get set up for accepting these payments? At Cornerstone Credit Services, we have you covered! Here’s the process we recommend for getting started with this convenient payment option.

1. Choose an MSP.

A Merchant Services Provider (MSP) can help you choose the best payment options for your business and your customers. At CCS, we can do this and much more, helping you keep all your transactions secure and running smoothly. As your MSP, we can help you with everything from getting set up for payments to providing security tips for Alaska small businesses.

2. Select a Payment Processing Service.

Choosing your payment processing service is a critical decision. When you choose Cornerstone Credit Services as your MSP, we can make recommendations based on our years of experience. We work with Clover, a payment processor that accepts not only contactless NFC payments but also all traditional forms of payment.

3. Get the Best NFC-Enabled Reader for Your Business.

When you choose your MSP and payment processing service, you will already have the best advisors to help you choose the right NFC-enabled reader to place in your store or office. If you already have a POS system, your MSP can help you ensure your POS system is EMV-compliant so that you can take contactless credit card payments.

4. Have the Reader and Its Software Installed.

The reader and its software must be installed before you can accept contactless NFC payments. You can get help from your MSP and payment processor to ensure everything is set up correctly and ready to go.

5. Create a Merchant Account.

The last task you must complete before taking NFC payments is to create a merchant account. In some cases, you may do this earlier in the process, but in any case, you must complete it before accepting NFC payments.

6. Accept Contactless NFC Payments

With everything set up, you can begin accepting NFC payments and all the other traditional forms of payment. Customers can now make payments with any electronic device with a digital wallet, such as an NFC-enabled smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or laptop. They can also use EMV-chipped credit and debit cards, which are offered by nearly every major credit card company and have become the most common form of contactless NFC payments.

Cornerstone Credit Services Can Get You Started with NFC

CCS can help you get started with NFC payments, whether you are a new business owner getting set up for payment processing or have been in business for years.

Cornerstone Credit Services is ready to help if you want to take advantage of the convenience, security, and seamless processing offered by contactless NFC payments. We’ve seen the benefits of NFC payment processing first-hand in a wide variety of businesses, and we can help you achieve the same positive results.

Could contactless NFC payments streamline your customers’ experiences at your business? Find out how Cornerstone Credit Services can help you get set up with NFC payments today!

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