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Our customer support is unrivaled when it comes to putting you first. With a quick response time, ongoing training, and an expertly trained staff, you can trust that we are always here for you. Our technical support team is available to quickly provide a solution whenever questions or problems come up, and our customer service department will follow up with you to get your feedback and ensure your issue was resolved.

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Cornerstone is an Alaska-based company specializing in credit card processing and delinquent account recoveries. Cornerstone delivers comprehensive, up-to-the-minute solutions for all point-of-sale payment options. We look to go beyond the usual processing relationship by providing exceptional technical and customer service support to our merchants.

Cornerstone’s number one priority is ALWAYS the customer. No other sales organization delivers the same commitment to service, wide array of products, and overall value that Cornerstone does.

We provide training for every type of solution we offer. Not only do we train you during the initial set-up of your new system, but we offer follow-up and ongoing training to ensure your business and your employees always have the knowledge and training needed to service your customers.

Yes, we offer accounts receivable recovery. For more information, visit Cornerstone Credit.

New Merchant

Getting set up is easy. Contact our sales team at (907)770-8100, toll free at 1-(877)375-8100 or email us through our website link, We’ll listen to your needs, and recommend the system that will best fit your situation. From there we’ll help you complete an application, assist in getting it processed, and help you with set-up and training.

Your business is unique, and the payment options, equipment, training and service you need are unique as well. In order to give our clients a fair and affordable rate we have to understand a little about their business. We’ll ask questions like how they accept cards (face to face, over the phone, via the internet, etc), what industry their business is in, whether they experience large seasonal changes in volume, and a few others, in order to give them the best opportunities to save money on processing.

It depends on a few different factors, the main ones being what type of account you need, and if your merchant application is complete. Once the application is processed and approved, it just takes a phone call to arrange a convenient time for us to come, set up, and provide complete training.

As a new merchant, we can help you look at the factors that will help you make that decision. Some of these include the type of merchant account you need (retail, restaurant, hospitality, internet), the type of business you are in, the volume and type of transactions you will be processing, how many locations you have, etc. With that information, we can help you choose the system that best fits your processing needs and budget.

Probably! In most cases it is possible to reprogram existing equipment. To verify the compatibility of your equipment, please contact our sales office at (907)770-8100, or toll free at 1-(877)375-8100.

Yes! We help clients accept payments using their smart phone. We’ll help walk you through the installation and training as well, so you feel comfortable using it.

Existing Merchant

The Help Desk and support line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You can start the application process by calling Cornerstone toll free at 1-(877)375-8100. The no-fee, no-obligation application process is simple. Once you have completed the short application, we will ask you to fax your last four credit card statements.

EMV is the technology behind “chip cards,” which come with an embedded microprocessor that provides extra transaction security to help prevent fraud. The way these cards work properly is by having equipment that can interact with the chip. As of October 1, 2015, there was a “liability shift” for disputed transactions, and whichever party provides the most EMV options at the time of a sale will be protected from financial liability. This could impact you if a customer presented a chip card but you had not yet adopted EMV-enabled equipment. If the transaction was later disputed, you would accept the full liability. Click here for more information about EMV.

If you want to know if your equipment is EMV-capable, call us so we can help: 1-(877)375-8100 toll-free, or (907)770-8100 in Anchorage.

We’re happy to help! Your monthly statement provides information you might not normally see, and your Client Account Representative can walk you through it so you feel comfortable reading and understanding all of it.

Your account will be electronically credited for your transactions to the business bank account you specify.

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