VIDEO: 6 Apps That Will Sync Your Clover POS System with Quickbooks

VIDEO: 6 Apps That Will Sync Your Clover POS System with Quickbooks

It’s the #1 question business owners ask us when they are considering the Clover POS system:

“Does the Clover POS system integrate with QuickBooks?”

The answer? Yes, it does!

That in mind, there are a lot of options for you to choose from when it comes to exactly how you would like it to connect.

The Clover POS system runs on Android OS, which means it operates as a smart device with additional features available through an extensive app marketplace.

There are, in fact, 6 apps offered for the integration of the Clover POS system and QuickBooks.

Take a look!

1. QuickBooks by Commerce Sync



QuickBooks by Commerce Sync is the most reviewed Clover POS system app among the six at 29 reviews. There are two subscription packages available, the Essential package at $19.95 per month and the Expert package at $39.00 per month. The Essential package works with QuickBooks Online and Xero and transfers your sales data as a daily summary. The Expert package is required for QuickBooks Desktop, although it still works for other applications. It includes a Sales by Category feature where you can transfer into distinct income accounts based on categories. Quickbooks by Commerce Sync works on all Clover POS system devices, including the Station, Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Web.

2. MarginEdge – Easy QuickBooks Connect for Restaurants


MarginEdge is the second app for Quickbooks integration listed on the Clover POS system app store, although it has no reviews. The app is geared toward restaurant owners. At $15.00 per month, you can purchase the Basic Subscription, which posts sales data to QuickBooks and other applications each night. At $255.00 per month, you can purchase the Premium Subscription, which includes a fully automated accounts payable solution where photos taken of invoices update QuickBooks while item-level data tracks inventory, recipes, and purchasing in MarginEdge. MarginEdge is available on the Web.

3. InvoiceASAP, QuickBooks & Xero Compatible



InvoiceASAP is the second most reviewed app on the Clover POS system marketplace at 5 reviews with two subscription packages available, single-user at $5.00 per month and multi-user at $30.00 per month. Single user does not sync with accounting software whereas multi-user can sync with QuickBooks Online, Desktop, and Xero. Like Quickbooks by Commerce Sync, InvoiceASAP works on all Clover POS system devices, including the Station, Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Web.

4. Dream Payments – DreamPOS


DreamPOS offers two subscription packages, Standard at $4.99 per month and Standard + QuickBooks at $19.95 per month. As you can probably guess, Standard does not allow integration with QuickBooks whereas Standard + QuickBooks allows integration with QuickBooks Online. Both subscription packages allow you to manage your products, sell anywhere, and issue custom receipts, but Standard + QuickBooks simultaneously updates QuickBooks Online including taxes, tips, and inventory. DreamPOS is available on Clover Flex, Mini, and Mobile.

5. Better QuickBooks Sync

Better QuickBooks Sync offers just one subscription package at $14.95 per month that allows integration with QuickBooks Online and provides a daily summary. It is available on the Web.

6. Bccounting

Bccounting offers just one subscription package at $19.99 per month. They also allow integration with QuickBooks Online although they promise integration with other accounting applications soon. Bccounting is available on the Web.

You can learn more about each of these apps by searching “QuickBooks” on the Clover POS system app marketplace.

We hope that you can find the Clover and QuickBooks integration app that is right for you!

If you do not already have a Clover POS system and you are interested in a modern, intuitive POS system that integrates with most business software on the market, we would love to talk.

We offer a free consultation where we will walk you through your business, your industry, and which combination of Clover hardware, software, and apps would work best for you.

Give us a call!

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