Here Are the Pros and Cons of the Clover POS System

Here Are the Pros and Cons of the Clover POS System

Considering the Clover POS system? You have probably read the reviews. Customers are saying everything from “It is super user-friendly and intuitive!” to “The customer service is terrible,” sometimes in the same breath! So what is the scoop on the Clover POS system; why do people seem to love it, and others, hate it? We’re hoping to answer some of those questions today, as well as shed some light on whom the Clover POS system is good for and whom it is not. Our team has combed through many reviews on a variety of sites to compile a list of what we believe to be the top four pros and cons. For the cons, we will share our solution; how we are working for our clients to give them the best possible experience with the Clover POS system.

Disclaimer: We vend the Clover POS system, which means we choose to provide this POS system rather than others to our clients, so clearly we think it’s great! Our goal today is to be as unbiased as possible, but we want you to know where we stand.

1. Pro: “The Clover POS System is User-Friendly & Intuitive”

The Clover POS system runs on Android OS, which means the user experience is very similar to that of a smartphone or tablet. Most of the system’s functionality is app-based. So whether you and your staff are Android or Apple users, you should have little difficulty learning how to use the Clover POS system. In many of the reviews we read, customers were saying that the Clover POS system is easy to setup and use, that they had no trouble navigating the system, and that training their team was a breeze.

2. Con: “Customer Support Is Bad”

As a business entity, Clover can be difficult to get in touch with. They are a large company providing POS systems to business owners across the country and they do not have the infrastructure to support a customer support team to scale. The intention is that their customers receive support through the merchant services provider (MSP) who set them up with Clover, which should be the MSP through whom they are receiving merchant services. Unfortunately, many MSPs fail to provide their clients with adequate support as well.

Our Solution: We take customer support calls for client issues with the Clover POS system and we pride ourselves in above-industry-standard customer service, citing our advantage as a local merchant services provider.

3. Pro: “The Clover POS System Has Lots of Apps”

The Clover POS system can do pretty much anything you need it to do for any business in any industry through its extensive app store. Whether you are using Quickbooks, MailChimp, Yelp, or any number of software solutions, you are very likely to find the exact integration you need in an app. There are also many apps for industry-specific needs, such as apps for restaurant floor plans, table status, the management of wait staff, and tableside orders and payments.

4. Con: “Apps Can Get Expensive”

Many of the apps available through the Clover POS system app store are free, but some of the more robust apps do cost additional money. Certain industries complain more than others, saying that the Clover POS system does not offer the basic functionality they need without the purchase of expensive apps, especially the larger restaurant industry. The Clover POS system is the best fit for retail credit card processing, service-based industries, and quick-service food businesses, such as cafes and bakeries. Some industries may want to consider an alternative POS system.

Our Solution: We will assess your business and industry-specific needs in a free consultation. If your monthly app cost is less than the monthly maintenance fees you would be paying through another POS system provider, we recommend the Clover POS system. If not, we can integrate with most POS systems depending on what your needs are.

Now that you have weighed the pros and cons, do you think the Clover POS system is right for you? If so, we would love to help you get started. Our team will help you get your Clover POS system setup and running on-location at your business, as well as provide the necessary training for your staff. We can’t wait to show you how the Clover POS system can revolutionize your credit card processing experience!

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