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Key Features of a POS System: What Modern Businesses Demand

A modern point of sale system can do a lot more than process credit and debit cards. The high-tech systems from Cornerstone bring together computer hardware and software that can be used to manage everything from inventory to time tracking, online ordering, and much more. Having accurate, updated tracking of your revenues is essential to the financial management of your business. So, including a smart point of sale system significantly reduces the risk of error or misappropriation and gives you a 20/20 view into your finances.


Whereas in the past – even just a few years ago – the old-school cash register was entirely separated from your accounting process or software. Cornerstone gives you the power to instantly integrate your transactions into your accounting system with Clover, which eliminates steps, increases labor and employee time efficiencies, and greatly improves the security and accuracy of your bookkeeping. By doing so, your so-called “cash register” becomes a retail management system that does much more than storing your receipts – it helps you run your business.


And as anyone who has performed financial forecasting or written a business plan knows, an accurate understanding of what’s happening in your finances is critical to growing your business.


Let’s take a look into some of the capabilities of Clover point of sale systems from Cornerstone and what they could do for your business.


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New and Improved

In its function for normal customer transactions, a computer-based point of sale system uses a touchscreen tablet in place of the old-style buttons. So, your employees can rapidly access your entire inventory through quick-keys to pull up products with one touch. Naturally, this speeds up the transaction process, thereby improving the customer experience, but it’s also more accurate, with an image of the item and inventory information.


Several options include a customer-facing display, so there’s no mystery over what’s happening with the transaction, which gives your customers the chance to make choices over things like gratuity without an employee acting as an intermediary and, in addition, provides for no-contact payment. The customer can slide a card, tap a card, or pay with a smartphone. It’s easy, elegant, and efficient.


An employee can use your point of sale system to easily split checks and allow multiple customers to pay for one bill with multiple cards. The system can quickly and hassle-free process returns, refunds, and process store credit. And every employee can have his or her own unique profile on each point of sale unit so that there is never confusion over who did what when.


It’s the ultimate in tracking capabilities for everything that happens with a customer transaction.



Cornerstone offers several point of sale hardware units that can be brought to the customer, from a table in a restaurant to your client’s construction worksite, anywhere you have a WiFi or cell signal. There’s nothing a customer likes more than a business that makes their life easier.


Inventory Management

Because your transactions are connected via smart software to your entire business, the point of sale system can instantly update your inventory with every sale, giving you real-time insight into your stock. Doing so even helps you identify which products or services are selling better and which need to be re-ordered or re-stocked. And you can quickly and easily change prices on anything in the system, including marking items down for temporary sales.


If you have more than one location, the system makes it easy for you to keep track of products or supplies you transfer from one store to another.


Customer Management

Similarly, you can enter customer information to keep track of purchase history, loyalty points, special preferences, contact information, and more in a searchable database.



Your point of sale system can produce reports on all of this, including sales, inventory, payment, employee, customer, and gift card reports.


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