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Customer Loyalty: How to Convert Holiday Shoppers into Returning Customers

The holiday season is an excellent time for a retail business to rake in huge profits. Yet, the intense rounds of consumer activity offer so much more. The flood of shoppers during this season gives your Alaska business a great opportunity to gain long-term, loyal customers. Here are some of the ways your payment system and POS software can help you accomplish just that.

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Leverage Customer Analytics

While it is great that you get so many new customers during the holiday, you need something more to keep them. After all, having new buyers will not help with customer retention if you do not know who they are or what they want. That is why data is so important.

Gathering Data

With a point of sale system like Clover and the right POS software, you can gather useful data automatically when people use the terminals, make online credit card payments, or make mobile payments. What’s more, customer analytics is what drives so many other methods of customer retention. You can put that data to use with loyalty cards, customer rewards, promotions, and even inventory management.

Using Data

With this data, you find out about individual customers’ shopping habits and product preferences. That allows you to reach out to those customers with incentives that appeal to them on an individual basis. By tracking data about their electronic payments with Clover, you can tailor what you offer to each new customer that makes a payment on your POS system.

Loyalty Cards

You know that a point of sale system is good for debit card processing and other electronic payments. However, did you know that the best type of POS system integrates well with your loyalty cards? Imagine a new customer coming into your retail business for the first time. They receive a loyalty card and immediately get a discount or perk. They come back to use their loyalty card again and receive more perks. Having the card in their wallet keeps your Alaska business at the top of their mind between visits.

Personalize Customer Rewards

Customer rewards are usually based on a points system. As shoppers use your point of sale terminals or mobile POS, the system automatically calculates, awards, and records their points. They use their points to receive free offers, discounts, or special products.

Because your point of sale system tracks the purchases of anyone signed up for the customer rewards program, you now know what types of products they want. You also have their contact information – either an email address or a phone number. So, at this point, you can send them personalized offers based on their preferences. Also, you can offer rewards that align with the purchases they already made. They can redeem their points at the checkout station, making the process easy and convenient for them.

Offer Gift Cards as Rewards

Gift cards are incredibly popular for holiday giving. People can give gift cards to loved ones who are hard to buy for or use them as a quick, last-minute gift. Many people buy gift cards for themselves if you offer a special deal on them.

To boost customer loyalty, you can offer gift cards in your customer rewards program during the holidays. This strategy usually prompts customers to buy more so they can use the gift cards to supplement their holiday giving budget. They can use gift cards as stocking stuffers, as well. Besides giving them to others, they may use the free gift cards to get what they want or need. That brings them back into the store at least once more.

At Cornerstone Credit Services, we not only provide your ideal payment solution, but also help with loyalty programs, gift cards, and other tools you can use to keep new customers coming back. Whether your Anchorage business is a retail business or even a hospitality business, we offer the best in point of sale solutions for you.

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