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Point of Sale Systems Explained: All the Hardware Your Store Needs

Your point of sale is more than simply a place for transactions. It is an important part of the customer experience, and what’s more, it’s the heart of your business. In today’s fast-moving world, your point of sale doesn’t even need to be a physical location.

In just the past few years, companies have quickly adopted new technology in virtually every aspect of business to reduce costs, increase accounting accuracy, improve financial security, speed up service, and personalize the way they serve customers. Nowhere is this shift more visible that at the point of sale, where interactive tablets and smart devices allow the customer to pay without handing anything to an employee, tap a card to pay, leave a gratuity, request an email receipt, and more. Point of sale systems have revolutionized the way we purchase goods and services while, at the same time, revolutionizing the way businesses keep track of revenues.

But with so many point of sale systems available on the market today offering different options for features and configurations, it can be difficult – if not confusing – trying to determine which is the best choice for your business.

Whether you want to choose your first point of sale system or upgrade an existing one, here’s a quick guide to Cornerstone’s industry-leading hardware from Clover that will empower you to accelerate your business and ensure your system runs smoothly.

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Station Duo

Our most comprehensive, all-in-one system has screens facing both sides of the counter for both employee and customer to see the transaction. Station Duo gives your customer more control by allowing her to make choices on her dedicated smartscreen. The Station Duo runs Clover’s highly advanced software to process payments, print receipts, and track sales transactions. You can even use it to manage your business.

Station Solo

The same intelligent, all-in-one system, the Station Solo has one 14” screen for the employee to use Clover’s advanced software to accept payments, print receipts, track sales transactions and keep your business moving fast.


All the power of the Station Duo and Station Solo to process electronic customer payments in a sleek, small design that can fit into just about any space. Looking for a discreet point of sale about the size of a tablet that does not require a dedicated counter or location in your store? The Mini is a great choice. But the Mini packs a lot into its small design: You can use it to run your entire business, from payroll to inventory management.


The handheld point of sale device employees can take to your customers, vastly increasing their sense of being catered to. The Flex gives you all-in-one capabilities to accept card payments and track sales with a work of innovative technology about the size of a smartphone.


The Go is true mobility in the palm of your hand. Smaller than a typical smartphone, the Go enables you to meet the customer where it’s convenient for them, from a food truck to a worksite. You can accept payment with the swipe or tap of a card anywhere you have WiFi or cell service. It’s the freedom to conduct business on the Go.

Ready for a smart system?

An updated POS system can make your business processes more efficient and provide you flexibility in how you do business. Team up with our team at Cornerstone to get the most of Clover and work with a merchant service provider that offers unparalleled customer service.

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