How Do I Get Credit Card Payments for My New Restaurant?

The restaurant business is an extremely fast paced and a highly stressful environment. This means you may find yourself juggling a million items at once, whether that involves escorting hungry customers to their assigned tables, running food orders, or bussing tables. When everyone is working at such a high intensity, forgetting things are bound to happen. But when the customer is in a rush, you may hold them up, which in turn might get them a little frustrated. 

Restaurants arent just about food. Theyre about the experience your customer has from the moment they walk in until they pay for their meal. If youre looking for ways to spruce up your business and move along quicker, give mobile credit card payments a chance. Read on to learn more about a more unique and better way to deliver quality customer satisfaction. 

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Bring in More Restaurant Business with Credit Card Payments 

Keeping up with technology in todays society doesnt have to be overwhelming. Instead, we are trying to allude to a better, faster, and stronger solution so that things get done efficiently and more effectively. New products will continue to be pushed out, and it is essentially up to us to maneuver the functionality of these devices. Although we have to take the time to adapt to new things, these products and devices will only help us in the long run, especially in the restaurant industry. 

You may be wondering why or how credit card payments might be beneficial for your business, whether its high-end luxury dining or a small diner you just opened by yourself. With everything going digital, not a lot of people carry cash on them anymore. Instead, a good majority of people will present a debit or credit card upon checking out at the POS system. This is because all card transactions move a lot quicker than shelling out cash and having to keep track of it all. 

If you are hesitant in switching over to credit card payments in your restaurant, dont be. Credit card payments have been around for quite some time now, and customers and employees can visibly notice a difference in the way their businesses run. Think about it. As restaurant owners, its incredibly difficult to try and juggle and keep track of so many things at once. The last thing owners or employers want to worry about is all cash tenders. For some it could be a full-blown nightmare, which is why credit card payments are the next best thing. 

The Benefits of Credit Card Payments for Restaurants

Debit and credit cards are so compact and convenient that anyone is able to use them without hassle. You dont have to think about how much cash to pull out of your wallet or the mess its going to end up making once you take it out. With credit cards, all you have to do is take it out of your wallet and hand it over to the cashier or waiter. There are several benefits to accepting credit card payments in your restaurant. Check them out below!

  • Less chance of error – when you opt to use cash to pay your bill or tab, there is a higher chance of error, meaning the cashier might hand back the wrong amount of change or, vice versa, the customer could give the wrong change amount.  Trying to figure it out is time consuming for both parties. To ensure there is no chance of error, credit card payments do the transaction for you — just like that. Quick and seamless every time. 
  • Theft Prevention – When you have a bunch of bills floating around everywhere and hanging out of your wallet, there is a good possibility that someone may try and steal from you. Credit card payments make it more difficult for people to steal from you since it is such a fast and simple transaction – nothing will be floating around or visible for people to see. 
  • Faster transactions – Cash payments tend to take more time because the cashier has to collect the money from the customer and give back the right amount, all while keeping the cash nice and organized in the drawer. Credit card payments only have one motion: swiping. Just by swiping, you’ll easily be able to pay for your food within a blink of an eye. 
  • Credit card tipping – Depending on the type of restaurant you work for; the distribution of tips might be in your cards. With so many new POS systems and devices on the market, your business will be able to allow customers a tip option when they opt to pay using their credit or debit cards. That way, at the end of the night, you won’t have to stress about counting all the tips and evenly distributing them. Instead, the POS system will be able to do it all for you.  
  • Rewards/Loyalty Programs – When you opt to use your credit or debit cards, there is a good chance you can sign up for a loyalty program or to just stay up to date with everything going on with the restaurant in terms of happy hour, food specials, events, etc. 

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How Do I Know Which POS System to Invest In? 

Once you have agreed to accept credit card payments for your restaurant, you can then start to think about which POS system will work best for you and your employers. POS systems come in many different shapes and sizes, and, with Clover, it is easy to understand which POS system will function at max capacity and at a high intensity environment like a restaurant. 

Clover POS systems have smart, built-in technology that help businesses stay organized, on track, and accountable. Clover is designed to help run your business more easily with customizable point of sale systems. Here are some of the best Clover POS systems made for restaurants. 

Clovers Station Duo: This POS system includes everything your restaurant will need in order to succeed and run properly. With the Station Duo, you can allow customers to initiate payment with a second screen, while also monitoring it at the same time. This POS system works to deliver quality service and has the power to process all tenders, print receipts, and track sales transactions. 

Clover Flex: A little different than the Station Duo, the Clover Flex is a small handheld device that works to get the job done seamlessly while on the go. Yes, you heard that right. This device is easily transportable, so you can go beyond the counter and perform transactions at the customers table. 

Run Your Restaurant Like a Pro with Cornerstone Credit Services 

Investing in credit card payments can really make an impact on the way your business operates and functions. It even makes an impact on your employees since they are the ones that are actively using these devices on a daily basis. 

At Cornerstone Credit Services, our mission is to help you run your business like a pro. We want to make sure you have all the resources and tools you need in order to succeed and grow your business. Our team of experts works to provide you with a solution that is guaranteed to bring in more business right to your door. 

Our services include debit and credit card processing, mobile payments, customer analytics and rewards, working capital financing, gift and loyalty cards, and POS systems. No matter the situation you are in, Cornerstone Credit Services wants you to know we are here every step of the way to get your business up and running and help transform your business. 

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