Upgrade your credit card processing capabilities with Clover.

Making Credit Card Processing Easy For Small Business

Let’s talk about improving your small business. Speeding up sales, decreasing customer wait time, keeping staff organized, having an automated bookkeeping system, and targeting insightful analytics are some of the key factors you need to be thinking about to plan for the future and get ahead. We’re here to help make that happen.

Cornerstone Credit Services is not only Anchorage’s pioneer for credit and debit card processing and acceptance solutions, we also deliver a range of products customized to suit the specific needs of small businesses.

After all, anyone working in the retail or hospitality industry knows that time is money. That’s why it’s so important to have an efficient credit card processing service a the core of your business. With that in mind, it’s time to say hello to Clover. It’s a modern POS system that can take care of everything we’ve discussed so far.

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Meet the Clover Credit Card Processing System

Clover is a customizable credit card processing system that is perfect for small businesses, especially retail and hospitality. Known for its POS systems, it goes above and beyond in what it does and also offers small business merchant services to ensure your business is covered on all bases.

Clover provides credit cards and other forms of payment processing, gift card and loyalty programs, and financial services. All of these small business services come packaged perfectly together in a unified POS system that makes you feel like you’re finally in good hands. No more using multiple companies here and there, no more trying to piece together multiple platforms and software throughout your entire business. It really is beautiful.

Improve Credit Card Processing with a POS Upgrade

If you think it’s time to upgrade your POS system and take your business to the next level in 2021, then you have come to the right place. Improving your business can be as simple as bringing in a streamlined system that kicks out the confusion and wasted time – that’s what Clover can offer.

This POS system is built with small business merchant services in mind. That means you can choose the one that works for your business without compromising on any of the good stuff.

For example, you can add any of the following to add to your lineup:

  1. Station: the full-size and fastest POS system for any business counter
  2. Mini: a full POS system in a condescended package for any small business
  3. Flex: the perfect POS for working beyond the counter, including curbside pickups
  4. Go: the most efficient mobile POS system

All of Clover’s hardware and software is expertly designed to sync and work together. This means you can build your POS system around your operating model – for example, do you have a fixed check-out in a retail store? Or do you need to be able to take the bill to the customer’s table and facilitate contactless payments?

Take the First Step Toward Better Business

If you choose to upgrade in the future, you don’t have to worry about throwing away the investment you make now. Choose the software that works the way your business operates whether you’re working out of a kiosk using the mobile POS, own a full-service business that needs the Station, or a mom-and-pop restaurant that can rely on the Mini to get you through the day.

Beyond the technology you implement, customer service will always be at the core of your business model. Clover is a trusted ally to bring your business to the level it deserves to be at, so you can spend more time catering to your customers and creating a lasting buyer experience. That’s something you’ll never be able to buy!

We can find the perfect solution for your business. Get set up for success.

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