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Best Mobile POS System for Small Businesses

POS refers to “point of sale.” It’s integral to the success of every small business that works directly with consumers, whether you’re in retail, hospitality, or any other sector. A great POS system isn’t just about smoothing out the payment process but collecting valuable data you can use to optimize your sales process, finetune your marketing efforts, save time on stocktakes, and even learn which products are the most popular. How do you choose when there are many options available?

The team at Cornerstone Credit Services has been supporting small businesses since 1999, providing everything from credit card processing to working capital financing. We weighed the pros and cons of many payment processing systems on the market before settling on a product called Clover POS. We now recommend it to all our clients.

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Why is Clover a Great Mobile POS System?

Clover POS is a modern system designed to make things as fast and easy as possible. Its functionality includes things like online ordering, full mobility, contactless payments, gift cards and loyalty programs, and the ability to run your business virtually. This means you can log on remotely to track things like sales and refunds, view customer spending habits in real time, and export reports for running payroll, paying taxes, and managing your accounts.

Keep Your Technology All in One Place

It’s also an extremely customizable mobile POS system. Clover comes with an extensive library of apps, which means it can integrate with accounting software like MYOB, QuickBooks, and Xero. You can also add all of your most-used apps so they’re easily accessible, for example:

  • Customers: What could be more important? Clover collects data that helps you view customer information and transaction histories so you can maximize ROI on marketing.
  • Register: Apps can add a virtual terminal or mobile printer and keep your register safe with authorizations. It’s about much more than just taking orders and accepting payments.
  • Promos: Automatically collect contact details, send promotional messaging via email, text, or social media, and track conversions in real time. Yes, there’s an app for this.
  • Feedback: Integrate popular apps like Yelp, or keep all your feedback in-house with Clover’s own app, Feedback, which provides a direct line between you and your customers.
  • Rewards: Creating loyalty programs doesn’t have to be difficult. With this app, you can create perks such as birthday discounts and VIP rewards at the touch of a button.
  • Dining: Clover is innately functional, which means they’ve thought ahead and created their own app to allow your hospitality business to easily manage bookings, tables, and tabs.
  • Shifts: The same is true for businesses whose staff members work shifts. This app includes clock in/out functionality, the option to declare cash tips, and easily print reports.

Clover POS is designed specifically for the modern small business, which means it also includes all the functionality you’d expect when it comes to things like payment security, cashflow management, and inventory automation. It truly is a one-stop-shop designed to make your life easy.

How to Get started with Clover POS?

If you’re thinking about upgrading your POS system, or you’re looking to add mobile functionality to your existing POS system, we can help. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that we offer options at a reasonable price, especially considering Clover POS is an expandable system that can grow with your business. We’re in the business of helping businesses and this will enable you to grow.

If you’re looking for more information, you can also sign-up for a free demonstration before you commit. Talk to our friendly team today to find out what Clover POS can do for you.

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