Clover POS Integrates Perfectly With QuickBooks

Clover POS Integrates Perfectly With QuickBooks

Do you run a medical practice, restaurant, or retail store? Do you use QuickBooks to keep track of your finances? Do you need an upgrade to your existing POS system?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then Clover POS is the system you need. Clover Point-Of-Sale systems come with their own specialist app market, which allows you to download a whole host of tools to tailor your system to your needs. One of the most widely used accounting apps at the moment is QuickBooks, and it is available through the Clover app market.

Because QuickBooks integrates seamlessly with Clover, every transaction you make in your POS is automatically recorded in your QuickBooks. This is clearly a time saver and ensures complete accuracy!

Is QuickBooks the Limit?

Absolutely not! The Clover app market has a whole range of apps designed to make your medical practice run as smoothly as possible.

There are apps such as Time Clock by Homebase which allows for simpler scheduling and recording of staff working hours. Others, such as Payroll by Gusto, help you keep track of staff pay. You can even find apps to help you with insurance and business credit, should you need further financial assistance.

For getting a handle on business data there are apps that allow you to track customer analytics or keep track of supplies in your inventory.

Perhaps uniquely useful for medical practices is the range of form creation apps. You can create a sign-up form for new patients, right in your POS system. This can then be used with multiple mobile handsets so one patient can update their information while you serve another!

Speaking of multiple handsets, have you ever wished you had a way to occupy small children while their parents are having treatment? Or even a way to distract kids while you examine them for symptoms? The Clover market also has a whole suite of games and entertainment apps that are perfect for distracting kids! If you’ve got the Clover Mini, integrated into your POS system, you can have kids playing while you’re working!

If you think your medical practice would benefit from Clover POS and the seamless integration with QuickBooks and other third-party apps, you can schedule a free consultation with us at Cornerstone, here!

We offer quality customer support for all our clients, meaning that you can be sure the system at the heart of your business is always ready.

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