Want to Know Why Customer Analytics Are so Important? Here It Is

Want to Know Why Customer Analytics Are so Important? Here It Is

Do you run a restaurant? Do you want to know why some days are consistently busier than others? What if you knew sales dropped 25% on rainy days?

Want to know how you can find out, and how to set up ‘rainy day’ promotions, to get those sales up?

Well, here at Cornerstone Credit Services, we can help you with your customer analytics to get the best out of your data.

We also retail, and offer support for, the Clover POS, which allows you to generate sales reports and track customer data from any of their supported devices. It even lets you set up rewards programs, right from your Point of Sale system!

Read on to find out how Cornerstone can help turn your restaurant into a smart restaurant!

What Is “Customer Analytics”?

This may sound a bit technical, and we understand; most people don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of data analysis! Let us try to demystify it for you and show how you can benefit.

Because customers have so much data at hand now, about places to eat, how much your competitors cost, who has the best service, etc., you need to have an insight into what choices they’re making. If you can more accurately predict what customers’ spending habits will be, you can tailor your offers and services to attract customers.

There are two main things you can do with customer analytics. The first is called predictive modeling, where you try to use previous interactions with customers to predict how they will behave in the future. The second is called segmentation, which places customers with similar spending habits into distinct groups so they can be targeted more effectively.

How Can I Get the Data to Make Customer Analytics Work?

We already mentioned the Clover POS. This is a point of sale system that is perfect for data gathering.

With the Clover Dashboard, included in all Clover products, you can track sales, refunds, and, crucially, customer spending habits. This can be done in real-time from any of your Clover devices.

With this data, you can create customized reward programs inside your Clover POS system. These can be sent directly to customers, allowing you to give them that personal touch! You could even connect with them on social media and follow up on their feedback!

Customer analytics is a powerful tool for businesses, and Clover POS is the system you need to make it happen. If you want to understand your customers, engage with your customers, and earn the trust of your customers, you need to be using analytics!

If you’re convinced by the benefits of utilizing customer analytics through Clover POS, schedule a free consultation with us at Cornerstone Credit Services, today!

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