Here Are the Best Clover POS Apps for Restaurants

Here Are the Best Clover POS Apps for Restaurants 

If you’ve read any of our previous blogs, you’ll know that we think Clover POS is the perfect pointofsale system for restaurants. What you may not know, is that Clover POS also has access to an extensive app market.

There are lots of great apps available to download, which can simplify your workflow and make life easier for both your customers and your employees. Lots of them are specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

Read on to discover the five apps we think are indispensable. 

Tip Jar, by CSI Works 

Tip Jar is a neat little utility that allows restaurants to set up Tip Kiosks. These allow your customer-facing devices to collect tips at checkout. Not only that, but Tip Jar is highly customizable and provides a great user experience for the customer.

You can set up names and amounts for tips so that customers can choose a pre-existing option, or customers can enter their preferred amount during their payment. This flexibility allows you to collect more tips, meaning your workers are better paid and happier! 

An additional benefit is the ability for the customer to initiate the transaction themselves, without any input needed from the bartender or cashier.

Time Clock for Restaurant, by Restaurant Ops 

This app streamlines so much of your organizational process that you’ll be amazed you ever coped without it. It provides a full employee management service, fully integrated into Clover POS, as well as both Android and iOS. 

The app allows you to manage employee schedules, allows employees to trade shifts to suit them, and allows them to make time-off requests. It will also help take care of payroll and has an in-house messaging system for employees. 

SimpleOrder, by SimpleOrder 

Another app that’s perfect for streamlining the logistical aspects of your restaurant. SimpleOrder allows you to effortlessly take care of all the back-of-house operations that distract you from the exciting front-of-house work.  

Once integrated with your Clover POS, SimpleOrder is able to automatically track you inventory levels with every dish you sell, and then also streamlines stock replenishment. Not only does it allow you to concentrate on customers, rather than stock management, it also saves employee time, as the process is so much simpler. 

Menufy Online Ordering, by Menufy 

Menufy is here to take you online. When added to your Clover POS, Menufy creates a free ecommerce website based on your menu, and allows your customers to order online. 

It not only integrates with Clover, but also with DoorDash and Postmates, allowing you to take advantage of the boom in remote delivery services.

Menufy adds a $1.50 fee to each order, which you can set to be paid by either the customer or your restaurant. You can even set a minimum amount at which the fee is waived for the customer. 

TableMapp, by ITSoft 

TableMapp is a great tool that will make your employees so much more efficient. It allows you to create a custom map of your restaurant, with every table marked. You can change the size and shape of tables and add walls and bars. 

Because the map is fully interactive, you can track which table have ordered, which are waiting for food, and which have paid. At-a-glance data includes number of open tables, seated tables, guest counts, total number of orders, and more. 

If you’re not yet using Clover POS, and you want to learn more about all the amazing apps that come with it, get in touch with us at Cornerstone today.

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