Here's Why Clover POS Is the Best Choice for Restaurants

Here’s Why Clover POS Is the Best Choice for Restaurants

We get it. The restaurant industry is logistically complex. You need more than a one-size-fits-all payment processing solution if it is going to remotely cover your extensive list of must-have features.

Although the Clover POS system is an effective solution for many businesses, it was made with three specific industries in mind–retail, service, and restaurants. As a provider, we may be a bit biased, but we think the Clover POS system is the best payment processing solution for restaurants on the market. The Clover POS system has just about all the payment processing hardware your restaurant needs and offers many apps made specifically for the use cases of the restaurant industry.

At Cornerstone, we have been installing Clover POS systems for our restaurant clients for years. We have found the exact mix of hardware and apps that work best for their needs. Learn more about our recommended Clover POS solution for restaurants.

1. Clover POS Has (Just About) All the Payment Processing Hardware Your Restaurant Needs

No matter what business you’re in, you need a payment processing solution that can handle all touchpoints with your customers and staff, making each interaction more convenient and efficient. For the restaurant industry, this means a system with a “command central station” at the front desk and either a customer-facing payment processing solution for customers to pay at the counter or a mobile solution allowing your staff to process tableside payments.

All three of these things can be found in the Clover Station, Mini, and Flex, devices offered by Clover. The Clover Station is an all-in-one POS system that includes a large display, cash drawer, and receipt printer. The Mini is a customer-facing device that includes a card swipe, chip reader, and mini display for the completion of transactions. Finally, the Flex is a mobile version of the Mini, allowing your restaurant staff to process tableside payments with a small display screen and a receipt printer.

The only additional hardware you will need to purchase for your restaurant is a kitchen printer, which easily integrates with the Clover POS system.

2. Clover POS Offers Many Apps Made Specifically for the Restaurant Industry

The Clover POS system runs on Android OS, which means it operates much like a smartphone or tablet with the option to add features through the purchase of third-party apps. Some are free while others come at a monthly rate. Most of the fundamental features you will need for processing payment and managing staff, tables, and orders at your restaurant are included in the out-of-the-box solution, however, there are some features for which you will want to purchase more robust apps. For the restaurant industry, we recommend you purchase apps for time-clocking, Quickbooks integration, customer loyalty programs, online ordering, and digital menus.

For time-clocking, we recommend the Shifts, Homebase, and Reporting apps. You can learn more about all Clover apps at the Clover App Marketplace. Your options for apps that integrate Quickbooks depend on whether you are using the online or desktop version. For online, we recommend Commerce Sync and Better Sync. For desktop, we recommend Commerce Sync. Three excellent apps for customer loyalty programs include Gift Cards by Clover, Clover by Perka, and My Rewards Loyalty and Marketing. Finally, Online Order by 4 Leafs Lab and Seed Digital Menu are fantastic for the restaurant industry.

Are you ready to sign-up for the best POS system for the restaurant industry? One that will make payment processing and staff, table, and orders management a breeze? Get Clover POS. The Clover POS system has all the hardware, apps, and integrations you need to keep your kitchen and floor running smoothly. We offer a free consultation where we discuss your unique needs and assess the right mix of hardware and apps for your restaurant. Contact us today!

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