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Cool Things You Didn’t Know a POS System Could Do

Modern POS systems are about so much more than just processing debit and credit cards and issuing receipts. Here are some of the ways they transform business.

The days of ringing up sales on clunky old cash registers are well and truly gone. It’s time to forget about paper invoices and receipts, accepting checks, recording sales figures by hand, and manually balancing your books. Technology is revolutionizing the POS experience, making it faster, simpler, and more accurate than ever before. Upgrading yours is an investment that will streamline your process and maximize your team’s efficiency.

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Choosing a New POS System

So where do you begin? Our favorite POS system, the one we recommend to all our clients, is called Clover. It’s great for a number of reasons. It can accept credit and debit card payments directly on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It can take care of all incoming payments, from in-store orders, to mail orders, and invoices. It also has advanced fraud protection to keep your business safe. These are all practical and significant benefits.

Are you convinced it’s time for an upgrade yet? Truthfully, this is where things get interesting. Apps like Clover are designed to seamlessly integrate with eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce. This allows advanced functionality that can change the way you operate:

  • Online ordering: Clover allows you to get set up quickly, which means you can take orders everywhere you advertise on the Internet. This includes Google searches, digital ads, your own website, and more.
  • Mobile payments: Clover works anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or cell connection, which means you can accept payments anywhere from the check-out to the curb. This is a great feature for busy teams.
  • Loyalty initiatives: Paper gift certificates, and paper loyalty cards, are a great idea but they can be pretty annoying in practice. Automating your customer loyalty initiatives is sure to boost customer experience.
  • Remote access: Clover is designed to allow access from anywhere, meaning you can monitor sales, process refunds, analyze customer spending habits, and generate reports from any device at any time.

All the Cool New POS Features

Many new POS systems are downloadable as mobile applications, and many of them are compatible with other mobile applications. To keep using Clover as an example, it actually has its own app market, which includes solutions to a whole range of business pain points. You can link it to business analytics apps, customer loyalty apps, employee management apps, inventory apps, invoicing apps, cash management apps, signature capturing apps, and much more.

This essentially makes a POS system a one-stop shop to bring your business into the 21st century. You can replace outdated practices like punch cards with digital solutions that increase accuracy and encourage employee responsibility. You can view your sales figures at a glance to see which parts of your business are doing well and which parts provide opportunities for improvement. You can automate your inventory to save valuable time on stocktakes.

You can tailor your app selection to your industry. There is a range specifically designed for retail businesses, hospitality businesses, and beauty businesses, for example. They’re designed to address specific issues you encounter every day to help your business run as smoothly as possible. They’re perfect for time-poor business owners and managers because once they’re installed and implemented, they can automate many labor-intensive processes.

Upgrading Your POS System

Upgrading your POS system is a big decision, because it can dramatically improve the way you do business. However, the pay-off will be huge, because it will streamline your processes, improve your accuracy, boost your security, and increase customer satisfaction. You can learn more about choosing the right POS system for your business here, or call the experts at Cornerstone Credit Services.

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