Customer loyalty programs are super easy with Clover POS

Customer Loyalty Programs Are Super Easy With Clover POS

So, you want to set up a customer loyalty program for your store or restaurant? It’s a great idea and can be a really effective tool when it comes to building relationships and encouraging repeat business. The only question is how do you actually set one up?

The Clover POS, which is a great system for both retail and restaurants, is perfect for creating and running your customer loyalty program! It also provides handy reports, which make it super easy to track results and find out how effective it is for your business.

Why Is Clover POS so Great for Customer Loyalty Programs?

Well, in a word, apps!

Clover POS comes with its own app market, allowing you to download and use those which are best for your store or restaurant. It’s this customizability that makes Clover stand out. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps for creating customer loyalty programs on Clover’s app market:

  1. Digital Loyalty by Loyalzoo: This is the top-rated customer loyalty app on the Clover app market. It allows you to create your own loyalty program in two minutes and send messages to customers through SMS, email, or push notifications. It’s really easy for customers to sign up and they don’t have to download the app themselves. Loyalzoo says that businesses who use Digital Loyalty see an average 11% revenue growth, just through customer retention!
  2. Trezoro Loyalty & Rewards by Trezoro: Like Digital Loyalty, Trezoro allows you to sign up customers and notify them of their loyalty status without the use of an app for them. This increases participation rates! The app has nine reward types for you to use, allowing you to set up a rewards program that really fits with your business. These include a points program, birthday rewards, sign-up rewards, and VIP Tiers. It’s a fun way to engage with customers.
  3. Gift Cards by Clover: Clover’s own gift card app has plenty of features and is able to be set up in minutes. It allows you to issue and accept physical and digital gift cards and accept mobile gift cards. It also allows you to design your own physical cards and have them delivered, so you can keep your brand consistent across all your marketing and products.
  4. Factor4 Gift by Factor4 – Factor4 says that 65% of gift card recipients spend 38% more than the value of the card itself, which makes it an incredibly easy and effective way to boost sales. It just goes to show how valuable a gift card program can be for your business! With Factor4 you can also bring over your existing gift card program and seamlessly integrate with the Factor4 loyalty app so you can run both side-by-side from your Clover POS.

A Loyalty System That Blends Seamlessly With Your Accounts

Clover POS integrates perfectly with QuickBooks, which means it’s incredibly easy to track the success of your loyalty program. It automatically records every transaction, including sales from gift cards, which means you can see at a glance what it’s doing for your bottom line.

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