Five Reasons Why Customers Love Clover POS

5 Reasons Why Customers Love Clover POS

We at Cornerstone really love the Clover POS system, and we know how useful it is to businesses. What you may not realize is that customers will also love your upgraded POS. Sounds weird, right? Customers don’t really notice your POS system, and wouldn’t care what type you have even if they did! Well, we think they will. The Clover POS system has so many features that improve the customer experience, they’re sure to notice something has changed.

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1. Private Customer Chat

The Feedback app within your clover POS allows customers to get in touch directly with you in a private 1-to-1 chat. This is really nice for the customers as they can feel like their concerns are being listened to or they can express how much they enjoyed visiting your restaurant or store.

But it also has benefits for you. Now, instead of resorting to posting negative reviews online where they are public, dissatisfied customers can talk to you directly. Also within the Feedback app, you can thank customers with a promotion, just for them! Visit the website to learn more.

2. Drive Traffic and Sales with Clover POS

Not only does Clover connect you with Feedback, but it also comes equipped with Promos, another app that really lets you connect with your customers. It allows you to set up promotions in real-time across a range of platforms. Loyal customers can receive notifications via text, social media, email, and even their payment receipts. This means that you can increase sales at slow times, or connect with customers who haven’t returned for a while, allowing you to build loyalty over time.

3. Show Appreciation

Everyone loves rewards, especially customers! The Rewards app in your Clover system gives loyal customers three ways to earn points. They sign up through the Clover app, or at the counter, and you can customize your rewards to fit your business.

Clover says that customers who are engaged with loyalty programs spend 60% more per transaction, purchase 90% more often, and are 5x more likely to choose your brand in the future. There’s only one reason for this, customers love rewards! The Clover app also allows customers to order ahead, making it as easy as possible for them to continue choosing you.

4. Grow What You Know

The Customers app allows you to build up profiles of all your customers from their credit card sales. If the secret to success in business is knowing your customers, this is surely the answer! Whenever a customer uses their credit card to pay for something, your Clover POS automatically builds a profile, which is then used with all your customer engagement tools. Building and deepening relationships with customers have never been easier. Customers is another great service that comes automatically with your Clover POS, read all the details on the Clover website.

5. Engaged Customers Mean More Business

You probably already know this, but the more engaged your customers are, the more money they’ll spend. That’s why all these tools are such a bonus for your business, even while they’re making your customers happy. Customer Lifetime Value measures the amount of extra value each customer will provide over a long period. Clover estimates that as little as a 5% boost to customers engaged with your loyalty programs can increase profits as much as 95%!

The Clover POS really does pay for itself in the long term. All business owners know that maintaining repeat business is the cheapest marketing strategy out there, so keeping them happy and making sure they come back is key to long-term success. The longer customers don’t return to your business, the less likely they are to return at all. This is why it’s so important to make the effort to retain your customers as soon as they have shopped with you. The Clover POS makes this super easy.

We hope you’ve learned something about the benefits of the Clover POS system. At Cornerstone, we not only provide the system to our customers but also provide full customer service, so you can be sure of quality American service should anything go wrong.

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