6 Reasons Your Anchorage Business Needs a New POS System

6 Reasons Your Anchorage Business Needs a New POS System

How long have you had the POS system at your Anchorage business? If it’s too long to remember, you’re probably due an upgrade. The latest POS systems have made massive technological improvements by way of increasing efficiency and improving customer service. They can also provide valuable insight that will inform the decisions you make at your Anchorage business. There are many reasons to purchase a modern POS system. Take a look!

1. The New POS System Will Not Glitch

If you have had your current POS system for a long time, chances are it is freezing, blinking, or shutting down on you. Maybe it is declining cards that it should be accepting. System glitches can have a serious, negative effect on customer service at your Anchorage business. Say goodbye to processing inefficiencies and long lines with a new POS system!

2. It Will Print Receipts Faster

The older a POS system gets, the longer it can take to “think” and print receipts. It should be taking between 2 and 3 seconds to print a receipt at your Anchorage business. If it is taking any longer, your staff and your customers are frustrated and you need to upgrade your POS system!

3. You Will Be Able to Track Analytics for Your Anchorage Business

The latest POS systems track customer and sales data as transactions are occurring (better known as “real-time” analytics). You will be able to use this information to deduce which products are selling better than others, affecting inventory and marketing decisions. You will also be able to infer which times are more popular for shopping at your business, empowering you to run promotions on the “slow days.” Finally, you will be able to see whether or not you are achieving your sales goals. Not so with an outdated POS system.

4. Modern POS Systems Offer Loyalty Programs

The best customer is the retained customer. Using the new analytics your modern POS system provides you with, you will be able to see who the most loyal customers are at your Anchorage business and reach out to them with rewards. This will keep them coming back and encourage the kind of word-of-mouth marketing that is invaluable for business growth.

5. They Store Data in the Cloud

Modern POS systems store data in the cloud. This means two things for your Anchorage business. #1 You will be able to access your data anytime anywhere on any device that connects to the internet. #2 You can rest assured that your data is as secure as it can be using the latest security measures. Data that is stored on the cloud is encrypted, secured, and backed-up on hard drives in remote data centers.

6. You Will Be Able to Accept Chip and Mobile Payments at Your Anchorage Business

It is no longer an option to use outdated payment processing methods at your Anchorage business. The modern customer expects the ability to pay with their chip card or the mobile wallet on their smartphone if they choose to do so. Upgrade your POS system to keep up with the times!

Are you ready to upgrade to a new POS system? Not only will a modern POS system make the customer experience better at your Anchorage business but it will make your job easier too. At Cornerstone Credit, we believe the Clover POS system is the best option on the market. We would love to talk to you about what this system could mean for your business and how we handle everything from installation to training. Schedule a free consultation today!

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