Is the Clover POS System the Best Fit for Retail?

Is the Clover POS System the Best Fit for Retail?

The retail industry is built on its ability to create positive customer experiences. A retail store’s payment processing system will either add to or undermine this foundation.

Fast checkout times, effective inventory management systems, and valuable customer loyalty programs are all features of a payment processing system and all affect customer interactions. A good payment processing system will make a positive impression on your customers while a poor system will make a negative one.

We may be biased as a provider, but we think the Clover POS system is the best fit for the retail industry. It was made with the unique needs of the retail industry in mind and has (almost) all the hardware and software (apps) your retail store will need. Learn more.

The Clover POS System Has (Almost) All the Hardware You Need

Think about a given day at your retail store. What do your sales associates need to complete a transaction with your customers? They likely need a “command central station” with a large display screen, a cash drawer, and a receipt printer to manage their side of the transaction. They probably also need a customer-facing device with a card swipe, a chip reader, and a mini display screen. Finally, they need a barcode scanner to scan-in the products your customer is purchasing.

What Hardware Does the Clover POS System Have?

The Clover POS system has everything but the barcode scanner, which can easily be integrated with the other devices. The “command central station” device is aptly named the “Clover Station” and has everything we mentioned before. The customer-facing device is known as the “Clover Mini.” With these two Clover POS system devices, your sales associates will be able to handle any transaction that comes their way.

The App Store Includes Several Apps Designed for Retail

What about apps to manage features like inventory management, customer loyalty programs, and more? The Clover POS system runs on Android OS, which means it operates like a smartphone or tablet with the ability to add features through the purchase of third-party apps. Some of these apps will come out-of-the-box with your system while others must be purchased separately. Clover has an extensive app store.

What Retail Apps Are There?

For retail, we recommend you download apps for time-clocking, inventory management and reporting, Quickbooks integration, customer loyalty programs, and if you would like the ability to sell online, eCommerce.

Here are the apps that we recommend for each of those features:

  • Time-Clocking – Shifts & Homebase
  • Inventory Management & Reporting – Basic Clover, Stock APP, Stock Reporting, & Ping Me
  • Quickbooks Integration – Commerce Sync (online & desktop) & Better Sync (online)
  • Customer Loyalty Programs – Gift Cards by Clover, Clover by Perka, My Rewards Loyalty and Marketing
  • eCommerce – Ecwid & Big Commerce

You can learn more about these apps at the Clover app store.

Are you interested in seeing if the Clover POS system might be a good fit for your retail store? We love talking to people about how Clover creates positive customer experiences. We currently offer a free consultation to assess your needs and to find the right mix of hardware and apps for you! Simply contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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