4 Reasons you need Clover POS for your startup

4 Reasons You Need Clover POS for Your Startup

Customizable, scalable, mobile. Does this sound like something you want for your startup? The Clover Point-of-Sale (POS) system offers all this in a variety of packages. Read on to learn more about why Clover POS is so versatile.

1. Clover POS Is Mobile

Clover offers a range of POS hardware from the Clover Station, a traditional desk-based system, to the Clover Go, a card reader that syncs to your phone and fits in your pocket. Here we’ll focus on the Clover Go and the Clover Flex, the next smallest system in Clover’s arsenal. The Clover Go is a card reader that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Not only can it accept chip, swipe, contactless, and various mobile payments, but it can do all this anywhere you have a WiFi or cellular connection. If your phone is online, your business is online. Additionally, it is equipped with the latest security technologies, including end-to-end encryption and tokenization. As well as functioning as a card reader, you can connect your Go to the Clover web dashboard, allowing you to run your whole business from your phone or laptop.

The next step up in the Clover ecosystem is the Clover Flex, an integrated handheld POS that has all the capability of a full-size system, but which can be carried in the palm of your hand. The Clover Flex is also connected to your web dashboard, so you can run your business from your favorite coffee shop. As with all Clover POS systems, you can create loyalty programs and gift cards to keep those hard-won customers coming back.

2. Clover POS Is in the Cloud

We already mentioned the web dashboard that allows you to monitor sales, employee hours, and a whole host of other analytics. The virtual terminal also ties into your Clover hardware. If you’re away from your Clover device, you can still take payments! The virtual terminal allows you to take credit or debit card payments from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It’s also paperless, allowing you to send digital receipts to keep your environmental impact down! Not only does the virtual terminal allow you to run your physical business anywhere, but integration with apps like Shopify also allows you to run your online business too!

3. Clover POS Is Scalable

We’ve mentioned the small handheld hardware and the cloud systems, but Clover also offers larger systems. As you grow into your physical premises, you may want to increase your capabilities and add extra devices so that multiple employees can take payment at once, or so that one person can take payment while another clocks-in. This is all super easy with Clover! All hardware links to the cloud, meaning that everyone can see everything they need to do their job, and you can keep tabs on all parts of your business, no matter how large you grow!

4. The Clover App Market

We’ve already discussed the benefits of the Clover app market, allowing endless customization of your system and integration with your existing systems. Especially exciting is Clover POS’s ability to integrate with apps like QuickBooks and Shopify Integration. QuickBooks allows you to spend less time with your head in the paperwork, and more time running your startup. Shopify Integration is a must-have for anyone who’s running an online store and a physical store. QuickBooks allows for seamless integration of product data into both systems, so you never over-sell–just enter your stock into Clover and have it published immediately online! Read more about Clover apps to learn even more benefits.

Are you convinced? Do you agree that Clover POS is the best investment for your startup? Schedule a free consultation with us at Cornerstone Credit Services, today!

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