What You Need to Know About Clover POS Apps

What You Need to Know About Clover POS Apps

Clover POS is a modern Point-of-Sale solution for your business, providing automatic software updates and endless customization options through its extensive app market. Perhaps you’ve already seen our blogs on Clover POS and have decided it’s the right choice for your business because of the app-based user interface. So, how do the apps work?

What About the Clover POS Apps Makes This System so Genius?

Clover has all the functionality of traditional POS systems, allowing you to accept payment and tips, take orders, and so much more. Clover’s real strength, however, lies in just how versatile it is, adapting to your needs. This can be done through the app market, or by linking extra devices. Because Clover is connected to the cloud, you can integrate extra devices for your employees to use, creating a whole network of devices both inside and outside your physical location. In reality, Clover POS is more like a business hub than a Point-of-Sale system.

What Apps Does Clover POS Have?

All Clover systems come with the basic apps, so you can get started right away. These include Register, which allows you to take orders and payments, just like a traditional cash register. It has an intuitive display, making it easy to learn, and is highly customizable. As standard, Clover POS also comes with Promos, Rewards and Happy Hour, helping you to attract new customers, and keep existing customers coming back for more. Clover also works for your employees, allowing them to track time and declare tips. Additionally, Clover POS functions as a tool for organizing your whole restaurant. Create floorplans, track customers, and send orders to the kitchen with the Clover Dining app, included with all Clover POS systems.

In addition to the out-of-the-box functionality, Clover has access to its own app market. This allows you to customize your system to your unique needs, through third-party apps. These include QuickBooks by CommerceSync, which keeps your books for you, including sales, refunds, and taxes. The Payroll app by Gusto is another must-have, allowing you to pay both employees and contractors, and deal with payroll taxes quickly and easily. Because Clover tracks data for you, there are a number of apps available to help you make sense of all this information. The Analytics BusinessQ app by Qualia generates both quick overview reports based on sales, as well as comprehensive reports which track every aspect of your business. Clover even provides apps for those small tasks which end up taking time, such as Paper Rolls by SPS, allowing you to order new paper for your Clover receipts printer.

More About Clover POS

Clover offers multiple hardware packages, starting with the Clover Station, a desk-based terminal with cash register and receipts printer, and ranging to the Clover Go, a portable device that pairs with your iOS or Android device and allows you to accept payment anywhere. Clover also offers the Mini, which offers a complete POS in a smaller package than the Station, perfect for the smaller business where space is at a premium. Finally, Clover offers the Flex, a fully mobile POS that allows you to run your business end-to-end from the palm of your hand. All models in the Clover range accept all types of card payments, as well as contactless and mobile payment options.

Where Can I Find Out More About Clover POS Apps?

You can explore the many more apps available on the app market, or browse the full range of Clover products. If you buy your Clover POS through Cornerstone Credit Services, you can take advantage of high-quality customer service. Avoid waiting on hold, dealing with automated phone services, or speaking with uninterested helpdesk personnel. Cornerstone takes care of our clients, providing you with a truly personalized service.

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