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Top 5 POS System Trends That Will Boost Productivity for Your Alaska Business

POS systems give Alaska businesses tools to accomplish a wide range of productivity objectives. However, point of sale systems are getting better than ever and will continue to change and advance over the next few years. In fact, your Anchorage business can boost productivity substantially, thanks to these top POS system trends.

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1. Customizable POS Systems

There was a time when all POS systems were virtually alike. However, the days of one-size-fits-all POS software are rapidly ending. Now, you can have a payment system fully customized to your Alaska business. Leading the way is the Clover, an affordable POS system for a retail business or hospitality business. It can expand easily and provide today’s best payment security. You can customize it through the app store to create a unique system that streamlines your electronic payments at every stage of your business growth.

2. Increased Need for Mobility

Mobile payments were already gaining popularity. Yet, since the pandemic, they have taken off at an even faster rate. The need to limit in-person transactions has made online ordering more popular. In addition, using a mobile device for payments may prevent the transmission of the virus. With mobile payments available, your customers can complete online ordering and payment from wherever they are. They can pay using eWallets rather than handling cash or handing over their card when they go directly to a business. Customers prefer mobile POS, and your payment solution keeps your business operating smoothly.

3. Process Payments Faster

Another trend to watch out for is the customer’s increased preference for faster payments. After all, technology has moved far beyond its infancy. Now, customers expect more. What’s more, your business can benefit from being able to process payments faster as well. Businesses are increasing the speed of payment processing by updating to a new, improved POS system. They are also using fast smartphone payment options for mobile payments that glide through instantly.

4. Enhanced Customer Loyalty Features

Most businesses understand that they can make more profits from loyal customers than new ones. To achieve higher rates of customer retention, many business owners have chosen to add a customer loyalty program. As a result, 75% of consumers would rather go to a store with loyalty cards or programs over those that do not. At Cornerstone, we help you create and manage loyalty cards. In fact, the Clover system is an exciting option for customer rewards.

5. Use POS for Big Data

The value of customer analytics is becoming more and more evident. However, gathering, compiling, managing, and using that data is easier than it ever was before. Now, you can use your POS for big data tasks. Information is gathered at the terminals, and the POS system allows you to use that data to reach out to customers, give them perks or discounts, and make the most of what you know. The effort and time it take are dropping quickly as systems advance. The time to make the most of credit card payments, debit card processing, and all the related customer contacts work for you.

Cornerstone Credit Services provides state-of-the-art POS systems for credit card payments, debit card processing, and other tasks related to electronic payments. We provide services ranging from gift cards to mobile POS to PIN pads – a complete payment solution. With Clover, you can improve your business further with cutting-edge inventory tracking, employee scheduling, financial reporting, and many more features.

We keep up with the top trends in POS software and hardware, giving you the power to make your business more productive and profitable. Beyond the systems, we provide 24/7 support to provide you with the comprehensive payment solution you need.

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