Working Capital Financing in Alaska: How to Get Started

Working capital financing can be used in a multitude of scenarios, it all just depends on what your goals are and how you want your business to succeed in the long haul. Working capital is used to fund a company’s or business’s investments, making sure day-to-day operations run accordingly. It can also be used if you’re looking to do some new renovations, advertise more, enter a different market, or expand your business to different locations.

Cornerstone is a trusted provider of working capital financing in Alaska. We fund short-term assets such as inventory and accounts receivable, all without having to apply for a business loan through a bank. Talk to our team about the right solution for your growing business.

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How Working Capital Financing Can Help You

The general idea of working capital financing is to allow businesses to grow and keep going without the stress and anxiety of keeping your business afloat. It frees up cash so you can work on building and expanding the way you want instead of being held up with monthly bills and other expenses.

For example, let’s say you now own a pizzeria that has been around since 1950 from your grandparents. It is now 2021 – how renovated and updated is your restaurant? If it’s outdated and you are considering some serious renovations, you might be worried about all the expenses that are about to come with it. Maybe you want to replace the light fixtures, tear up the flooring for new hardwood, or repaint the main area. What about kitchen appliances? Those may need some updating.

No need to worry! This is exactly where working capital financing comes into play. Instead of fearing the cost of the renovations and additions you are interested in, go to someone who can help. If you feel as though you do not have the financials to give your business the facelift it needs, working capital financing will be able to handle it all for you so you can live out your dream and bring in more customers and revenue in the long run.

Reasons Why Capital Financing Is Useful

Working capital financing is becoming more popular with an increase in demand. No one enjoys being in a place where you feel as though you can’t grow at the pace you would like or have the financials to keep everything running smoothly on a daily basis.

Working capital financing is useful because:

  • It is approved quickly – No more waiting around for the bank to approve your loan. Get your business to where you see it today.
  • Offers you more control – You have more freedom to control how you spend than with a traditional loan. No more worrying about restrictions a bank might have.
  • No more burden – If you notice your credit card sales are down more than usual, you won’t have to pay as much because of the holdback from working capital financing.

Let Cornerstone Credit Services Be Your Guide

No matter the situation, Cornerstone Credit Services has the solution just for you. We are Alaska’s leading debit and credit card processing industry. Our company is built on trust and finding the best possible outcomes for you, your business, and your staff members.

Our services include working capital financing, which will allow you the freedom to continue investing in your business or company the way you want without having to worry about debt and if you have enough money to create the vision you want for your business.

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