5 Ways Clover POS Can Help Restaurants Run Better

5 Ways Clover POS Can Help Restaurants Run Better

Making a restaurant successful means doing the important things well. Producing great quality food and providing top class customer service should be the only thing you’re worried about. If you have to spend unnecessary time dealing with admin, or using inefficient payment systems, your customer experience will suffer and you’ll be wasting time and money.

That’s why we believe the Clover POS suite of products is the best for restaurants. They allow you to combine all your day-to-day management in one system, and with everything running smoothly you can focus on keeping your customers satisfied.

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1. Clover POS Is Customizable

Clover POS is super customizable. They offer multiple hardware set-ups, from desk-based systems with a cash drawer to pocket-sized card readers that link to your phone. This all gives perfect customization as you can set your restaurant up with one central desk terminal, but give your staff mobile terminals so that they can accept payment tableside. This boosts the customer experience as they can pay however they want.

2. Clover POS Is Portable

The ability to move around the restaurant with a handheld Clover POS terminal gives your restaurant staff the ability to provide the level of customer service you expect. They can accommodate tableside payments with the Clover Flex, while also retaining all the power of your full management system. Because all Clover POS terminals are connected, you can manage all the same systems from each piece of hardware in your restaurant’s ecosystem, or from online, with the virtual terminal.

3. Clover POS Has Apps

The range of hardware available from Clover gives some customizability, but it’s the app market that really brings it into its own. With dedicated Clover apps for a huge range of applications, to third-party apps that allow you to integrate with your existing systems and expand your capacity. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

  • Clover Dining: Allows you to create floor plans of your restaurant so wait staff can keep tabs on the status of each table, allows bar staff to maintain tabs between bar and table, servers can take orders easily.
  • Quickbooks: When you have the Quickbooks app on your system, you can keep allow your management in one place, and do your book-keeping on your POS, which means that it’s never been easier to keep your accounts up to date.
  • 7Shift Scheduling: Alongside managing customers and finances, you can also manage staff on your POS. 7Shifts allows you to create schedules for your team but also includes an employee chat, so they can communicate more easily, making rescheduling a breeze.

4. Clover POS Accepts All Payments

Because of the range of hardware that Clover produces, you, and your customers, are not limited by payment methods. This ranges from cash to card, to mobile payments with the in-store hardware, to online payments with the virtual terminal, which allows you to run your business online. This may sound unnecessary for a restaurant, but many restaurants now allow customers to order from heir table using an app which takes payment and send the order to your kitchen.

5. Clover POS has Analytics

Take control of your customer data with analytics. Now you can track your busiest days, times and most popular dishes. Create personalised offers for customers who sign up to your restaurant’s loyalty program. Create regular deals for those days when business is slower. Because all your payments are routed through the Clover system, it’s easy to analyse the data with free apps, which then sync with your loyalty programs.

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