Square: Is There a Better Alternative for Alaskans?

Square: Is There a Better Alternative for Alaskans?

Square has become the go-to credit card processing solution for many Alaskan businesses. Free readers, easy-to-understand rates, and quick setup have made Square the “convenient choice” for Alaskan business owners looking to get their POS systems up and running FAST. But what happens after the setup, when the hype of freebies is gone and day-to-day business operations bring about slow, inconvenient, and ultimately expensive transactions?

Limited, out-of-state customer service and questionable data handling have come out in Square reviews and news, but there is a better alternative. In-state merchant service companies can not only match Square rates for some clients, but the level of customer service and integrity provided by Alaskans for Alaskans is unbeatable, producing a profound effect on the bottom-line of Alaskan businesses in the long term. Learn more.

Reviews for Thought

Since Square has popularized over the last several years, the internet has flooded with reviews. They seem to fall on one of two ends of the scale–raving, 5-star reviews or extremely negative, 1-star complaints. Why the discrepancy? It seems that Square is “great” and “everybody loves it,” that is, until a transaction goes awry. Hear from this business owner who discovered some of his transactions were being put on hold by Square:

“I have been using Square for about a year and a half and have just noticed they have been holding my funds for months at a time…I didn’t notice until I had almost 20k deposited and when I looked into it, it was a transaction on Jan 2nd…Now April 9th!! Now looking to alternative solutions and cancelling this company!” – Craig, Calgary, AB ★☆☆☆☆

Money on hold is a problem, but you may think: “This is solvable. Craig should just get in touch with Square customer service and find out what’s up, right?” Wrong. The customer service department at Square is well-known for being impossible to reach. For a lot of Alaska small business owners, $20k on hold could mean going out of business. Take a look at this customer’s experience:

“I’m a Tax Preparer. My out of state client paid me via the cash app. Transaction was then caneled “For My Protection.” E-mailed their so-called customer service (NO live representatives). Didn’t get ANY confirmation of receipt, we’ll get back to you within 24…NOTHING. Client has not had money returned back to them either. I will be DILIGENTLY following up on this! WILL NO LONGER USE OR REFER THEM!” – TyRus, Milwaukee, WI ★☆☆☆☆

Of the 253 reviews Square has received on the Better Business Bureau website, 94% are negative. This figure does not include the 1,687 total customer complaints the company has received. Statistics like these reveal that it may be time for a better, alternative credit card processing option for Alaskans.

It All Comes Down To Customer Service

Alaskan, in-state merchant service providers like Cornerstone Credit Services offer the benefit of being just a phone call or quick trip across town away. In many cases, they will come to you! At Cornerstone Credit, we:

  • Answer the phone when you call because your funds are on hold, and walk you through the process to access them again. If you get in touch with us on the same day, you can get your money within 2-3 days’ time.
  • Complete the POS system setup process for you. Although we are not as fast as Square, you can be up and processing within 3-5 days time, which is short considering the cost-savings you experience with us as a responsive provider.
  • Show up at your location for equipment repairs on the same day.
  • Don’t sell your information.

If you are just starting to look for a credit card processing solution or if you are tired of Square and their poor customer service, consider an Alaska-based business. Timely customer service in this industry means quick resolution on important transactions, keeping cash flowing smoothly and your business up and running as it should be. Learn more Cornerstone Credit Services and our commitment to providing each and every client with truly personalized service.

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