Bad Customer Service? Choose a New Merchant Service Provider

Everyone has experienced awful customer service at one point in their lives. If youre tired of dealing with a merchant service provider that constantly leaves you waiting on hold, navigating endless phone trees, and failing to call you back, you may want to consider switching to a more reliable merchant service provider such as Cornerstone. Read more below to learn about which merchant service providers to stay away from and how to find the right provider for you.

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Bad Customer Service Is More Common in the Merchant Provider Industry

Lets take a look into why people often experience more bad customer service than good customer service with their merchant provider. Often, when the customer is having difficulty with their credit card processing or has questions about their account or payment options, most merchant service providers do not want to deal with these problems even though that is their job.

Different merchant providers have the mentality that they are on their own time. They may try to rip off the customer they are supposed to be helping to try to get more money out of them, such as requiring binding leasing agreements. This can cause customers to have trouble canceling services. Getting out of the contract might be a little tricky they cant get ahold of the cancellation department for further assistance.

What about being hung up on or being placed on hold for countless minutes on end? Nothing makes customers more frustrated and angry than feeling their service provider doesnt care about the issues they are experiencing. As stated previously, there has been a time when everyone has encountered poor customer service from their merchant providers. It may seem like immediately after signing up for merchant services, that the provider has the mindset of Yes, we made a sale. Ok, let’s move onto the next one.”

Other merchant service providers, may only have automated messages every time they receive a call. It can be extremely frustrating when you cant get ahold of a real person who can handle the problem, instead of some computer system. It can be even more frustrating when the only response customers seem to get is Sorry, I didnt quite get that. Could you repeat that?” By that time, most people are ready to hang up the phone.

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Choose Cornerstone Credit Services as Your New Merchant Provider

We know that you must be thinking: Why would I want to invest in another merchant provider after my last encounter? Here at Cornerstone Credit Services, we are committed to making each and every client feel valued and give them a personalized service.

Cornerstone understands the frustration and anger people go through every day just to try to resolve a small issue, only to get hung up on or placed on hold for hours on end. We believe that this should not be how anyone feels when they are requesting help. It is our job to resolve any problems you may be enduring and to get them fixed as soon as possible.

At Cornerstone Credit Services, you will be blown away by how much we care for our customers and provide them with the best solutions to help their businesses grow and succeed. We make sure we treat all of our customers, new or returning, with kindness and compassion. No more reaching automated voiceovers, waiting on hold forever, or dealing with disrespectful staff members. Our support team is highly trained with proficient skills and provides a quick response time!

What are you waiting for? We are here for you. Switch to Cornerstone today!

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