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Modern POS terminals have replaced pen and paper, allowing retailers to manage stores more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Cornerstone Credit Services has an abundance of information that is resourceful in helping you choose the right POS system. Read more below to learn about how POS systems are evolving and which one suits your business the best.

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In with the New, Out with the Old POS Systems

POS systems have a long history of evolving – getting better, faster, smarter with the rise of technology. Back then, POS systems consisted of paper and pen usage. Yes, you had to write down every order and every transaction. Not only was this slowing down business, but it was a highly inefficient way of processing and handling transactions, not to mention, unsafe!

Writing down card numbers was not a very safe way of keeping information confidential. This became a huge issue and knew it had to be solved immediately. The next POS system that was designed was a bit more manageable, safer, and more efficient than paper and pen, but there was one slight problem – it was too slow. Old POS systems have a tendency of breaking down due to technical difficulties and the use of outdated software.

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Bookkeeping Made Easier Thanks to a New POS System

By keeping your POS system up to date, you have eliminated the trouble of going through bookkeeping. Bookkeeping can seem overwhelming at times, but with a new POS system, it does all the hard work for you, while keeping everything organized and easy to access.

Finding a POS system that has the ability to keep track of reports, sales, and revenue, as well as keeping you up to date on the latest trends. You want to make sure you have a POS system you can rely on. One that you know is going to be dependable and most efficient in getting the job done quick and simple.

A New POS System Can Streamline Your Workflow

What if we told you a new POS system could keep track of all your employers, when their shifts are, and track timesheets? Balancing time-off requests, conflicts, and keeping your employees happy and satisfied is one of the many benefits of upgrading.

Face it, you need a system that makes it easier to manage everything at once. By upgrading to a new POS system, you reap the benefits of being able to set and sync schedules and organizing time-off and vacation requests all with just a click of a button.

Clover POS System to the Rescue

Would you believe us if we told you the Clover POS system can do everything mentioned above? Clover offers many beneficial services for Alaska retailers, so if you are looking to upgrade and not sure what POS system is the right fit for your business, stop here!

Clover has been marked as one of the most efficient and effective POS systems out there. Whether you’re looking for a better way to organize staff or just looking for something faster and simpler, especially in a high-intensity environment, Clover works to alleviate the stress.

It has a variety of POS system options so you can be confident in the way your business runs and operates – including a full POS system, mobile POS, or a mini POS. Leave it to us to help you find your perfect match.

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